Hire Character. Train Skill.

– Peter Schutz


McDonell Recruiting Solutions, LLC is a Baltimore-based outsourced recruitment company specializing in sales and management recruiting. McDonell Recruiting Solutions is committed to providing clients with exceptional service in finding candidates for open positions that will help support and grow business. Building a great team is the single most important thing a successful manager can do. In conjunction with our partner company, McDonell Consulting Group, McDonell Recruiting Solutions is equipped to not only find the right people, but to help you get them on-boarded and trained, as needed.

Our Team

Kristine McDonell

Kristine McDonell


Chris McDonell

Chris McDonell

Strategic Advisor & Partner

Establishing McDonell Recruiting Solutions is a natural progression for us, as McDonell Consulting Group (MCG) continues to grow and expand. We feel it’s time to offer a recruiting service to our current customers, and we look forward to working with new clients. As a team, we started MCG in 2008, and have each brought our individual skill sets and personalities to our business. Kristine is an attentive, detail oriented, confident and direct communicator who strives for balance, simplicity, and understanding in all areas. Chris is a results driven, dynamic, engaging and compassionate leader who enjoys motivating people to achieve their goals. As business owners, we endeavor to create a positive and inspiring atmosphere for our employees and clients to work towards their own personal and professional success. Outside of the office, we enjoy spending our time with our children, family and friends, meeting new people, traveling, attending concerts and watching lots of sports!

Keith Daw

Keith Daw


Navigating the nuances of networking is both an art form and a science. I enjoy being that connector of connectors and watching others flourish. I also understand there’s a distinct difference between networking, networthing, and not working. Be genuine. Be laser-focused. Most importantly, tackle each day as though it were on purpose.

Winfield Zangrilli

Winfield Zangrilli

Talent Acquisition

I enjoy talking with people and really hearing what they want or need. My goal after that is to make it happen. I have an exceptionally high sense of urgency so getting a response from me is never an issue. I take my job seriously whether I’m on the recruiting side for the client or the candidate. I want the experience to be positive from beginning to end for both parties and have them say, “That was great service!”

Why hire a recruiting company?

Because building a great team takes time that you may not have. But we do.

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Our Process

  1. Exploratory discussion with the hiring manager(s)
  2. Identifying the skillset needed
  3. Visiting the client and interviewing multiple salespeople (when practical)
  1. Sourcing candidates through a variety of methods
  2. Conducting phone interviews with all candidates
  3. Assessing candidates for the required skills and competencies
  1. In-person interviewing when possible or video interviewing if an in-person interview is not practical
  2. Submitting resumes and summary of discovery to the client
  3. Coordinating the client/candidate interview process
  1. Providing feedback as needed

People are not your most important asset.
The right people are.

– Jim Collins

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